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Do your employees complain that they don’t earn enough? That you don’t pay them enough? That they will leave you for just R500 more per month? Are they stressed financially and always wanting more from you? It is time to get them Money Fit:

  • Shift the mind from victim to empowered
  • Proven budget systems that change outcomes
  • The 5 phases of Money Fit

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Sole Proprietors

How are you managing your money? Are you paying yourself a salary? Is your business and your personal money one and the same? Properly managing your money as a sole proprietor is one definitive way of changing your outcomes and building a better future. Get yourself and your business money fit.

You will learn

  • How to pay yourself a salary
  • How to separate accounts
  • How to grow your business
  • How to reduce your financial stress

Let’s build your business together.

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Money Fit

Money Fit was conceptualized in 2012 and started in 2013. Build on the foundation that all South Africans can achieve financial comfort with the right kind of education about money. Money is not for the privileged few but for all who are open to learning. Frustrated by the lack of real education around money in South Africa, Entrepreneur Georgina Read developed tools and practical actions to get people on the fitness path. There are 5 phases of money fitness that run parallel to a physical fitness regime. If you can go through them, you can come out the other side, building a better future for you and your family.

Georgina Read

Georgina is extensively travelled, having lived in Japan for 8 years and truly having learn to communicate across cultures. She has been a teacher throughout her career and loves to see how new ideas and new ways of thinking can change lives. She went on her own money fit journey and now spends her time helping other work through the fitness phases.

Georgina is available for talks, workshops and presentations on empowerment and money fitness here.


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